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Welcome to the Yogbox 2.0 Wikia Page

Other Pages

The other pages on this Wikia are the Modslist and the History of Yogbox, Yogbox 2.0, and the future of Yogbox 2.0.

Beginners Info

Yogbox 2.0 is a complete remake of the modpack called Yogbox. All that Yogbox 2.0 changes, is the version of minecraft. Literally, that's all it does. There are some extra things, but the only things that are extra are the custom main menu, and Matmos. (Matmos is a sound generator)

Resource Packs

The resource packs included in the pack are the Matmos Sounds Pack, Realistic Sky, and Realistic Rain. All of these resource packs are optional, and are not required. The Matmos Sounds Pack changes the sounds in minecraft to be more of an environment. The Realistic Sky changes the sky to look extremely realistic, but it requires optifine. Realistic Rain changes the rain to be very realistic, and the thunder sounds as well.


This modpack has all rights to modify the mods from Yogbox, but not the rights to edit Yogbox. The Yogbox owners may edit this pack in any way, shape, or form, and this modpack is not protected by any legal documents. This modpack may not be distributed throughout Technic, and is not allowed to be hosted anywhere else. All rights to the mods in the modpack go to their owners as well. You may not claim this modpack as yours in any way, and if it is claimed to be yours it will be removed by the Technic team. This modpack only has one official server that is not owned by me. This server may crash, lag, or shut down at any time. I do not have any control over the server. The links on the title screen are allowed to be there, as the websites have allowed me to put them there. If you were to break any of these rules you may and will get banned by the Technic team.

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